8 Months!

Our tiny human is 2/3 of a year today!  We technically celebrated with this cake last week since Josh is currently 10 time zones away, but I am confident that Jack and I will do something celebratory tonight as well :)  Who knows, maybe we’ll make another cake.

This Ombre Cake pan has been a nice addition to my repertoire of baking paraphernalia.  I found it at Sur La Table and thought its possibilities were endless.  With one standard cake recipe you can fill all 4 layers, they bake fast since they’re so thin, and they cool fast. Basically it’s like a fastpass to an impressive layer cake.  Important lessons learned however: these cakes require more icing (about twice as much) since you’re increasing the surface area of frosted cake.  The rectangular shape also doesn’t fit on a standard cake stand, or in a standard cake cover, so if you’re going to want to present your finished product with class, you need a rectangular platter to accommodate the shape.  Finally, as I learned with my green ombre cake from March, it’s easy to add too much food coloring to the first tier of color and then not leave yourself enough room in the color spectrum to accommodate the other, darker layers.  Next up I want to try an ombre cake where every layer is not only its own color, but also its own flavor.   Maybe we’ll do that for the 10 or 11 month cake.  Stay tuned!




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