Baby’s First Crepe Cake!


Also Sconemaster’s first crepe cake!  I’ve read blog posts about this type of cake (thanks Vicky and Things I Made Today), I’ve sampled this type of cake at bakeries, I’ve thought hard about making this type of cake on numerous occasions.  But I’ve never executed… until I had new motivation.  One of my assignments from Kate Larsen Rose, Event and Party Planner Extraordinair , for this weekend’s Citrus Bridal Shower was a double lemon crepe cake.  I’m a pretty firm believer that anytime you’re making something for a big event, you should practice said technique or recipe beforehand, so last Friday night I planned on a practice round featuring chocolate crepes and chocolate creme.  Same technique, just different flavors.   Here are my lessons from this first pass:

This cake takes a good amount of time.  Like, you should make the crepes the night before and then make the whipped creme and layer the next day.  Otherwise it’s about 4 straight hours worth of crepe making and stacking.  No thank you.

You need about double the amount of whipped cream filling that most recipes call for.  I mean, I guess  you could thinly spread the whipped cream on each crepe layer, but I’m not ever really interested in being judicious when it comes to freshly made, chocolatey whipped cream.  When I ran out of (what was supposed to be enough) whipped cream about 2/3 of the way through my crepe layers, I had to make a second batch to finish the process.  Ugh.

You don’t really need a crepe pan.

You absolutely don’t need to butter the pan, this crepe batter is basically non stick on it’s own.  In fact, adding butter to the skillet makes the crepes too greasy, the first few I made in I had to throw out because they were practically dripping in butter.  No thank you.

I ended up serving this “trial run” Sunday night to the guest of honor at this Saturday’s party, so I guess I ‘practiced’ on a pretty important person :)  Ashley seemed to be a fan, as did everyone else, and following a summery dinner of carne asada tacos this trial cake got pretty impressive reviews.

Check out the blog next week for recipe and photos of the tangy and tart lemony version that will be featured at Ashley’s Wedding Shower!!


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