Citrus Crepe Cake for Ashley’s Citrus Shower

Last weekend’s practice round was well worth the effort.  Going into this crepe cake I was confident, I had a plan, and I gave myself enough time so that I wouldn’t be rushed.  [ Ha, that last clause made me laugh, since I was definitely rushed today getting out all my party contributions out the door and over to Kate’s.]  However in the midst of all the crazy,  these crepes definitely got adequate attention: the batter rested in the fridge overnight (which I think added to their more perfect nature), I grilled them with enough time to let them cool before stacking, and the combo of tangy lemony marmalade and freshly whipped cream was ideal for the citrus flavor magic that I was aiming for.

In addition to the crepe cake, I also made a few of the party games, and of course my now patented grapefruit margaritas.  Kate really took the show with her incredible spread of small bites and all the tasteful citrus touches, including even her dress :)  Such a lovely afternoon celebrating one of our favorite friends and her upcoming marriage to another favorite!  Congrats Ash!!

I enlisted Friday night help to cut out the games, Jack also provided his services
After juicing 8 grapefruits and 16 limes for the margaritas, Josh said we had the most beautiful trash can ever 
wonderful little gem of a crepe
sliced and ready to be candied
Some assembly required
I think Kate is QAing the whipped cream ;)
Party people at work
I added a thin layer of this tangy marmalade every 4th layer
Citrus Salad, Citrus Meatballs, Citrus Endive, Citrus Bridal Bingo Board
The crepes melded with the cream and created an entirely new texture
Cake, and Game #2


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