Avocado Pie and Watermelon Margaritas

Inspiration for this pie came from Julie and her “United States of Pie” book.  The recipe looked so intriguing that I had to try it, though I spiced it up with pecans and cinnamon in the crust, and I added a lot more lime juice and a heap of lime zest, so it came out like a key lime pie, just with an undertone of creamy and rich avocado.  Josh was skeptical, Jack was skeptical, I have to admit even I was skpetical, but we went for it.

Jack helped bang on the package of pecans, you know, just to crunch them up a little more.IMG_0876

Becuase avocados are from Maine, right?IMG_0883

Sweetened condensed milk: low on sugar and calories.IMG_0885

Jack is always mindful of the blender when it’s out, bracing himself for the space shuttle like sound it will make when powered on.IMG_0886


blended for about 5 minutes. Jack loved every second of it :|IMG_0891


Jack oversees the process of roasting carrots.IMG_0897

And samples :DIMG_0901


Farro, roasted carrot, feta and mint salad.IMG_0906

Kale, cherry, pecan salad with radish and chevre.IMG_0908

Now, imagine packing this up to transport it 4 blocks.  #weneedmoretupperwareIMG_0911

Watermelon margs al fresco.IMG_0912

So excited for the pie!IMG_0932

So delish.  Truly it was wonderful, I will make it again and astound more friends.IMG_0938

And, I leave you with this:IMG_0903

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