Cookie Dough Date Cake and Ricotta, Lemon, Basil and Honey Crostini

and other weekend finds.

First, these incredible gems I found at whole foods.  Sure, I love hand spiraling veggies just as much as the next guy, but give me a pre washed, pre cut, and pre prepared version, and I am most definitely in.  I am a working mom, after all.IMG_0962

THIS GUY.  Nothing says summer like heirloom tomatoes.IMG_0963

Jack loves him too.  He actually took a nibble out.IMG_0967

A banana spinach mango berry smoothie, that I shared with Jack…IMG_0981

he is my child, so he was of course a fan.IMG_0988

got some on my bibs :)IMG_0990

white peach and blub oatmeal pecan crisp.  I thought Josh would be into this.. turns out he could not have cared less.IMG_0958

on to the piece de resistance! Finishing up the end of my Costco supply of dates, I have never simmered anything in baking powder before, but it got these dates malleable and ready for cake life.IMG_0969

the recipe for this cake came form the Mast Brothers cookbook, which has yet to ever let me down.  I always like to use some Mast Brothers chocolate whenever I make one of their recipes… but only a single bar.  At ten bucks a piece I can’t afford to make a cake which would require 5 bars.  We’re not all made of money, Mast Bros!IMG_0976IMG_0977IMG_0980IMG_0992IMG_0994

Topped with a bourbon salted carmel glaze, and celebrating Chelsea’s birthday!  Can’t believe I forgot to get a pic of the birthday girl + her cake :(

There’s actually nothing specifically cookie-dough about this cake, except the texture and the flavor combination was remarkably similar and reminded everyone of eating really great, rich cookie dough.  If that’s not a glowing endorsement, I’m not sure what is.IMG_1015

My new summer hit: the zuchinni basil chicken burger.  IMG_1009

This crostini was PERFECT.  grilled bread topped with creamy ricotta, fresh basil, a drizzle of honey, and red pepper flakes.IMG_0999

we only had 4 people over for dinner and all of these were gone within about 5 minutes.IMG_1001

Two of my favs just hangin out.IMG_0996IMG_0997

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