…We couldn’t have known it was going to end up any other way.  Life is a series of leaps.  Sometimes we take leaps that are successful, other times we take ones that aren’t.  But no matter what, we always have people who stay by our side…”  -my dearest Coco, February 2013.

What a poetically accurate summary of the past few years of this little stephikins life.  Depicted, in some form or another, within the posts of this wonderfully happy little blog.

I have gotten pretty good at leaping.

Out of the Notre Dame bubble.  Into a demanding career.  Into an entirely new city and state.  Into the Catholic faith.  Into some crazy travel experiences.  Into 26.2 mile runs.  Into an engagement.  Out of an engagement.  Into many, many, many new recipes.  Some of these leaps have been successful, some haven’t.  But no matter how any leap has ended up, I have found such incredible people who have continued to stay by my side.  The gems who are worth everything.  The reason I get up and keep leaping, praying, running, baking, traveling, working, loving.  everyday.

This blog is for those people.  May it bring continued joy, recipes, laughter, treats, memories, and inspiration to each of them to keep leaping themselves.  Knowing that no matter how their own leaps turn out, I will always always be ready to stay by their side.   And cook them dinner, and cheers them good bourbon, and bake them scones with sprinkles.  And snuggle.

Happy 5rd Birthday, Sconemasters.  With so much love to all the people who keep staying by my side.  And with gratitude to the ones who haven’t, but who have, along the way, taught me something about leaping.

good baking.  good bourbon.  good people.  leaping.  god.country.notre dame.

welcoming you to sconemasters since March of 2011.

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