Recipes for Life

Life is a Series of Leaps

Lessons in Bakery Tours: 14 in 1 day

Lessons in Shame and not associating with Dentists

Lessons in Bucket Lists: Travel to Maui

Lessons in Marathon Running: the Philly Marathon

Lessons in Best Friendships: my ‘non Bachlorette Party’

Lessons in Bourbon and Family: Tailgate 2013

Lessons in a Broken Engagement: appreciating this blog (most viewed post)

Lessons in Appreciating the Gems:  the once wedding date (second most viewed)

Lessons in College Football: Michigan and Notre Dame

Lessons in Golden Retrievers: reflections on Sparky Nienaber

Lessons in Falling in Love: Thursday night reunions

Lessons in Best Friendships: Coco

Lessons in Making Traditions: Scully Visits to Madison Year1, Year 2, Year 3

Lessons in Living with a Significant Other, moving out

Lessons in Gratitude: adventures in Brooklyn with JimRedden

Lessons in Best Friendships: when family are friends and friends are family

Lessons in Paleo Eating: Joe :)

Lessons in Falling

The Best of’s


Lessons in Olympic Enthusiasm

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